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Honest Economics provides you clear rational and understandable analysis of economic and policy issues. We are beholden to our subscribers, not advertisers or sponsors. So, unlike the mainstream business media, you will get unvarnished economic analysis, free of confusing jargon and confusing terminology.

Honest Economics will provide you analysis on all the important economic topics of the day. Macro issues like inflation, unemployment, and the direction of the economy. We also provide insight into issues affecting the workplace, careers, and the economic aspects of the broader social landscape. We do this all in plain, understandable language.

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The Honest Economics Bubble Barometer provides insight into whether the market is in an unsustainable bubble or not.  This is helpful in preparing for market turns as well as in all areas of your financial affairs.

The Honest Economics Recession Indicator provides insight into the odds of a recession occurring in the next 12-18 months.

Both of these proprietary indicators are available to all paid subscribers.

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Regular commentary on economic and policy developments by a 20-year veteran of the financial services world. I know where the traps are laid, let me help you avoid them.

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Who is Honest Economics?

Honest Economics is written by Tom Cleary to serve as a vehicle for a better understanding of economics and economic policy.

Tom is known for his engineering like outlook toward market and business analysis.  This came to him both naturally and from an upbringing that valued precision.  Tom was born and raised in the heartland of the United States.  It was here that he learned the value of hard work and accountability.  He also learned to both view the world as it is, yet work toward what it should be. He went on to attain a degree in history.  After completing this rigorous course of study Tom then began a varied and impressive business career. He has worked in fields as diverse as the hospitality industry, wholesale coffee, as well as the last 20 years in the financial services industry.  It is in this capacity that Tom worked with  mutual funds and annuities in a wholesale capacity.   It was from this vantage point that he learned market analysis and paired it with his extensive operational expertise. 

Gaining Market Expertise

From 2007-2015 Tom was employed at a major insurance company in their mutual funds and annuities division, as a wholesaler.  His goal was to raise assets for the company in the areas of mutual funds, fixed and variable annuities and an asset based long term care product.  Tom achieved this by working with financial advisors and consultatively designing solutions for their clients. He offered services such as case design, wealth building and retirement strategies as well as technical information about company products and market developments.  Prior to this Tom was a financial advisor working directly with clients in the areas of wealth building and retirement planning.

During his time in this industry, he began a deep study of not just the equity and bond markets but the broader economy as well.  This study produced insights into how these markets are impacted by economic policy.

In 2015 Tom walked away from this industry and decided to live a life outside of the mainstream financial services industry, and to become independent of the mainstream business press that is beholden to its sponsors and advertisers.

Tom’s study of markets and policy impacts coincided with his increasing conviction that the biggest detriment to better policy was a lack of basic, honest economic concepts. Seeing few places in the mainstream business media where this sound understanding was presented, Tom decided to publish his own take on these crucial matters.

We will leave it to you to find a way to enhance your career prospects, as many of you have done. We will also leave it to you to manage your own money, as no one will care more about your money than you will. We are not an investment advice shop. Honest Economics provides the clear understanding of economic concepts and their implications for policy impacts. What you do with that insight is up to you. We are assured that whatever course of action you take you will be better off for having an infusion of Honest Economics.

More Than An Econ Dork

Prior to his time in  financial services, Cake had extensive experience in the manufacturing sector.  Tom was with a Fortune 50 company.  His main responsibility was for writing the company sales plan. One key responsibility was developing new business.  Also, Tom managed and mentored a team of employees.  His task was to ensure that his customers received the sales and service that was promised to them.  Tom hired, trained and developed sales personnel.  Also, he established goals and objectives for employees. Additionally, he directed them to successfully attain those goals.  He had overall profit and loss responsibility.  So in addition to his financing and market analysis expertise he understands how business works and how to measure business conditions.

Tom is also a published author, having documented his faith journey in his work, Understanding God: The Joy of Finally Hearing God’s Good and Gracious Word, which is available here.

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Tom Cleary

Honest Economics is devoted to providing clear, usable, and understandable economic information, and policy analysis, written in plain language.